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Snow Tango in La Plagne

Snow Tango in La Plagne

From 27 January to 3 February 2019

6th Year
12 maestros et 4 musicians

8D/7N 140 places All ages

From 379 €
Video of the 2015 edition
Workshops, Milongas, concerts,...
Djs et orchestras
Workshops everyday (4 levels)
One of your dance hall
Swimming pool of our residence (heated to 30°C)
Snowshoeings (proposed everyday)
La Plagne (Savoy), one the biggest place to ski in Europe !
Room for 2 persons
Spacious and functional apartments
Ski together during the day (apointment at 9.30am and 2pm)
6 Milongas during your trip
Numerous activities in the resort
Snowshoeing proposed everyday
La Plagne Bellecôte (your residence at 1930 meters)
Your reception (Maeva group)
Bedroom with 2 single beds closed
Conviviality during your snowshoe excursions
Sauna and Jacuzzi in the residence (in option)
Savoyard Meal during the stay (between 12 and 22 euros)
Baptism in dog sledding in La Plagne (information at the tourist office)
  • Who should attend ?

    The stay is for all those who want to spend a convivial holiday in the mountains, with a « Tango » spirit.

    The program is both festive and sharp. In addition, if you can ski or dream of skiing, you will treat yourself, but you do not need to ski to participate in this event. There are hikes, a swimming pool, workshops, Milongas in a Dance Hall with panoramic view, rondas de mæstros, Dj’s and orchestra on 2 evenings.

    140 participants coming from all over Europe are expected to attend in one of the biggest event of Tango in mountains in the world.


    Planning type:

    Morning: Ski or Tango

    Afternoon: Ski or Snowshoe or Swimming pool or Tango

    Late afternoon: Tango

    Evening: Milongas


    Conditions of registration:

    Age: all ages

    Dance: 4 levels of course during the stay: beginner, inter 1, inter 2, advanced.

    Polpulation: couples, singles and friends.

    Number of participants: 140 participants.


    >> French Version

  • Prices

    BASIC FORMULA WITHOUT WORKSHOP: 379 € until 5 December, then 399 €.

    Price includes :

    Accommodation (8d / 7n)

    6 Milongas (including 2 with orchestra)

    Unlimited swimming pool (during open hours)

    Tourist tax




    To the « basic formula », you can add many options or plans:

    Workshop (5 pm to 7.35 pm, Monday to Saturday = 15 hours) = 50 € per week

    Meal Box (full board) = from 65 € to 95 € per week, according to your formula

    Snowshoeings = from 20 to 25 € per day, according to your formula (2h30 per walk)

    Ski rental = from 50 to 110 €, according to your formula

    Skipass = from 185 to 215 €, according to your formula

    Additional Tango workshops = 10 € (1 hour)

    Ski classes = 150 € for 5 half-days

    Accommodation options = from 50 to 440 €, according to your formula


    All rates are visible at the bottom of the page.

  • Accomodation

    Ski Resort

    You will be located in La Plagne wich is the most popular ski resort in the world with more than 2.5 million visitors [*].

    La Plagne is located in France, in one of the moste popular ski resort (« Paradiski » is ranked 4th in the world) with more than 2.5 million visitorseach year [*]..



    You will be staying in apartments Maeva (group Pierre et Vacances) located at 1930 meters in altitude, in the center of La Plagne (Bellecôte).

    At the foot of the residence, you will find many shops: supermarket, cinema, swimming pool, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, sauna, bakery, …

    View from your apartment (view on the slopes) (click to enlarge):

    TripAdvisor advice on your residence (click here) :



    All apartments are identical and include 5 beds:

    – 2 beds in a room

    – 3 beds in the living room

    View the plan of an apartment by clicking on the image:

    The basic formula SNOW TANGO corresponds to an accommodation in an apartment of 5 people to share, and with your bed in the living room with 2 other persons. Many options allow you to benefit from more comfort:


    Options / Accommodation

    – option « living room 2 people » (instead of 3) = 50 € / pers.

    By booking this option, there will only be 2 of you in the lounge which is normally provided for 3 people (so there will be 1 empty bed).

    – « double room » option = 70 € / pers.

    By booking this option, you will be in a 2 person room (instead of the living room). If you are a couple or 2 friends, book 2 x 70 €.

    – « single room » option = 200 € / pers

    By booking this option, you will be alone in the room. In your living room you will have 2 or 3 roommates.

    – option « 1-person apartment » = 440 € / apartment

    By booking this option, you will be alone in your apartment (sleeps 5).

    – option « apartment 2 persons » = 340 € / apartment

    By booking this option, ther will be 2 of you in your apartment (5 beds).

    If you are a couple or 2 friends, book only once.

    – Other options: (Cf ticketing)


    Distribution of accommodation

    We organize the distribution of apartments by age group. Generally, there is no more than a 10-year gap between younger and older people in the same dwelling.

    We make sure that there is mixing (both genders) in the apartments (not in the room and not in the living room). In the registration form, you can tell us that you do not want to mix in your apartment.

    If you are a group of friends, you can indicate in the registration form that you wish to be hosted together.


    Amenities of the residence

    Outdoor pool heated to 30 ° C (free).

    Click here to see the pictures of the swimming pool

  • Meal

    You can choose your food plan : with or without Food Box.



    Food Boxes are to be prepared yourself within your apartment.

    We offer 3 ranges of Food Boxes :

    Click here for details of the « SIMPLY » (€ 65)

    Click here for details of the « VEGETARIAN PREMIUM » (€ 75)

    Click here to access to the details of the « PREMIUM SAVOIE » (€ 95)


    No Food Box

    You have the option of not taking a Food Box. You can then shop at the resort’s supermarket (located on the ground floor of your residence) or go to one of the resort’s many restaurants.


    Outing to the restaurant (not included) (optional)

    During the week, we organize 2 evenings in a restaurant to meet us all together and enjoy specialties from the region of Savoie.

    Unique formula at 22 € including: starter, specialties from Savoie (tartiflette, fondue, raclette), dessert and wine.



    If you wish to have a meal in the restaurant, we suggest that you meet in the evening at the restaurant « Le Mouflon » located 50 meters from your residence (reserve the first evening for 9 am on behalf from « SNOW TANGO »: 0033.479090307) . On other evenings, we advise you to book yourself by calling this number. Click here for more reviews of Le Mouflon.

  • Ski / Snowshoeing


    Meeting point every day at 9.30 am and at 2 pm at the foot of the slopes to ski together. We will organize 6 groups on the 1st day:

    1. beginner

    2. false beginner

    3. intermediate with « La Plagne » Skipass

    4. Intermediate with « Paradiski » Skipass

    5. advanced with « La Plagne » Skipass

    6. Advanced with « Paradiski » Skipass

    Possibility of taking lessons with the monitors : half day from 30 € or 5 days course at 150 €.



    From 20 to 25 € the ride of 2.5 hours (Cf ticketing)

    Discover breathtaking landscapes in a friendly atmosphere.

    Each route is different.

    You will be accompanied by a qualified mountain guide. Equipment provided. No physical skills required (if you can climb 3 floors without stopping, it’s good). Groups of up to 14 people.



    On our ticketing, we offer 2 types of Skipass (« 6 days La Plagne » and « 6 days Paradiski »).

    If you want different packages, you can buy your package at the station (50 meters from your residence).

    Here are some rates:

    – Skipass 4 hours « La Plagne » = 43 €

    – Skipass 1 day « La Plagne » = 52 €

    – Skipass 1 day « Paradiski » = 60 €

    All rates here: package rate.


    – If you ski less than 4 days, it is better to take 1 day packages (52 €) than to buy our package « 6 days La Plagne ».

    – the « 6 days La Plagne » Skipass includes 1 day on « Paradiski » (= Les Arcs) (the day of your choice).

  • Dance

    12 Maestros : (soon…)

    Musicians: (soon…)

    DJs: (soon…)


    7 Milongas

    Milongas starts at 9.45 pm and finish at 12.45 am


    Classrooms and Milongas

    We have the Congress Room (400 m2) and the multipurpose hall (170 m2) of La Plagne. These dance halls provide an excellent level of comfort for the dancers, both for the courses and for the Milongas.



    – The workshop consists of 15 hours, from Monday to Saturday, from 5 pm to 6.15 pm and from 6.2 pm to 7.35 pm.

    – Schedule of the internship: (soon online. For information, the 2017 schedule is very close to the 2018 schedule: click here)

    – Define your level of Tango before joining us: (click on the image below)

    – 4 levels of courses: beginner, inter 1, inter 2, advanced.

    – We guarantee parity by level (within 10%).

    – There is no pre-registration for courses.

    – Registration for the stay is possible for persons without a partner. On the spot, the teachers will make « turn » during classes so that everyone can dance with everyone. Important: people coming with a partner will not be obliged to « turn ».

    – You will only be able to change your level if your teacher allows you to do so and does not disturb the parity of the courses.

    – If you are looking for a partner, we recommend the website www.partenaire-danse.fr. You can place a free listing here.

    – If you have a partner, you can follow all the courses of the stay (whatever your level).


    Additional workshops / private courses

    In addition to the 15-hour course,

    – Tango workshops : 1 hour from 10am to 12pm (+10 € / pers);

    Private lessons : from 1 pm to 5 pm (price according to teacher).

    The morning workshops are « all levels » and parity is not required (the work is done without requiring a partner). Example of topics: posture, walking, feminine technique, masculine technique, musicality, rhythmic, chacarera, yoga applied to tango, milonga, waltz, …).

    Reservations for workshops and private lessons are made during your trip.

  • Transportation

    By car

    It takes approximately 6.5 hours to drive from Paris, and a budget of around  € 120 € per vehicle.


    Organize your carpooling on our shared sheet or on blablacar. About € 35 per passenger for a journey from Paris.

    By train

    It takes about 4 hours 30 minutes by TGV from Paris and 45 minutes by bus to get to the station.

    TGV station of arrival: Aime La Plagne. Book your TGV ticket

    Take the bus at the exit of the TGV station. Departure station: Aime. Arrival station: Plagne Bellecôte. Book your bus ticket

    By bus

    Flixbus opened in 2017 a bus line Paris-Le Plagne (50 € the way): www.flixbus.fr

    By plane

    London-Lyon for example, and Lyon-Aime La Plagne by TGV

    TGV Station : Aime La Plagne. book your train

    At your arrival, take a bus at Aime La Plagne to Plagne Bellecote (about 30 minutes). Book your ticket here

    Car park

    1 free parking is located in front of the residence (about 80 places)

    1 free parking is located in Plagne 1800. Free shuttle bus every 15 minutes to your residence.

    Paid parking in front of the residence. Payment on the spot. Approximately 40 € per week.

    Click here to access the car park website.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Payment

    – Payment by credit card:

    Free of charge.

    – Payment by bank transfer (payment in 1 time):

    +10 € of administration fees. Bank transfer from Friends: IBAN: FR76 3000 4023 3400 0100 2126 364. Specify the name and the date of the stay in the object of the transfer and send us a copy of the transfer by email to info@partir-entre-amis.fr

  • Organizers

    Partir Entre Amis

    We are the French specialists in dance travels (# 1 on Google with the keyword « dance stay »). Every year, we welcome more than 2000 participants during the stays we organize: ski-Tango, ski-Rock, Arcachon-Tango,… See our pictures on Facebook


    El Turquito

    One of the main actors in the Tango scene in Paris, he has been working for many years in numerous venues such as the Parloir (Montreuil), the Merivan (Paris), the Divan (Paris), the Blue Bayou ), the Turquito, … He is also a musician, DJ and teacher of Tango.


  • Reviews (5)

5 avis

  1. Martine Tanguera 5 avril 2017 à 11 h 36 min

    Hello alain and the whole team,
    I come back enchanted by so many beautiful things proposed during the course:
    – residence: VERY practical. Everything is located less than 3 minutes away: supermarket, swimming pool, Milongas, restaurants, snowshoeing, shops, …
    – classroom: it is 10 minutes but it is REALLY worth the detour !! huge with magical view !!!
    – the team: very very very pro. all pedagogues and gentiles. and they invited us easily during the Milongas!
    – parity: more men than women during the stay (it is rare and I appreciated very much !!! Maybe less men …)
    – Meal Box : it was my HUUUUGE fear. I hesitated but I took it. Good quality with practical products (garbage bags, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, etc.). Meals are good and easy to prepare (the beef came from a local butcher!).
    – snowshoeing: the monitor (called « shrimp ») is very nice. Walks varied and accessible. Very nice group too. We learn a lot of stuff about history and geology.

    Some flats (especially to help you improve):
    – apartment: we were 5 in the apartment (4 women very nice for that matter). But maybe next time I will take an option to be rather 3 or 4 (I specify that I am fifty).
    – waiting on arrival: I know that it is difficult to accommodate so many people (we were more than 100 people to arrive at the same time) but we waited a little long to receive the keys of the apartment (20-30 minutes) …

    In any case, I had a great week and you will probably see me again next year!

  2. Brenda Sanchez 14 janvier 2017 à 1 h 18 min

    Just became aware of this event, so I can’t join you this year. Would you please keep me in your mailing list for next year?
    Tango and ski are my two passions, how lovely to be able to do both on the same vacation trip.

  3. Gilles 20 novembre 2016 à 11 h 33 min

    Very good week. I come back enchanted. I did not ski and I did not get bored. There are many activities available (snowshoeing, swimming pool, spa …). Thanks to the organizer and the entire team of teachers and musicians.

  4. Steph_911 10 avril 2016 à 11 h 33 min

    The location of the residence was just perfect: at the foot of the tracks, and 50 meters from the classrooms! What a comfort !!!

  5. Mr MAUGER 4 avril 2015 à 10 h 22 min

    Good value for money in a beautiful setting. I recommend the Ski-Tango: very good atmosphere, great maestros(I greatly appreciated the courses of Dario Da Silva in particular). There are plenty of activities outside the dance: the English bar is very nice on Bellecôte (the Spitting I think). The free swimming pool is perfect. Very convenient station. Organization at the top. I have just a small note about the Food Pack which may be a bit just in terms of quality. But there are a lot of restaurants in La Plagne…

    NB: I came to the SKI TANGO from March 2015

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